Monday, September 3, 2007

KEYSHIA COLE, Atlanta, Georgia

An awesome photoshoot with the beutiful Keyshia Cole in Atlanta, Georgia. It was my first time in Atlanta, so I was stoked. The heat for the day was just a killer. I'm so thankful for rental cars and air-conditioning. As soon as you step you, a wave a sweat just pours down your face. But all in all, it was such an awesome day.

Keyshia showed up on set and she just glowed like a superstar. You can feel her presence and this girl means business. She had such a great energy and we vibed. The images came out looks fantastic (like there was even a doubt)!! Keep your eye on this page, I'll be sure to put them up as soon as the magazine releases them. Check out her hot new single "Let it go" with Missy Elliot and Lil Kim. HOT!

Kevin + Keyshia Cole
Crazy Awesome Night Photoshoot
Miss Keyshia Cole in da' House

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clarice said...

Love the pics. I was wondering if u had any contacts for Keyshia, I truly believe my dad is her dad, he is creole n black, and we look just alike. I have 8 other siblings and we all look alike. My dad's name is 'Red', 'Chick', or Clarence. I am Clarice please call if you have any info.510-395-2237
Thank you and God Bless