Monday, September 3, 2007


Keep this name in mind. You'll definitely be seeing alot of it. Chris Brown is the hottest Singer/Dancer since Justin Timberlake. If you caught a glimpse of him during the 2007 MTV Video and Music Awards in Vegas, you'll know exactly how big he's going to blow up. He gave a stellar performance with his dance moves and did a surprise set with Rihanna on her song "Umbrella" (Actual link to VMA Performance). Chris Brown is going to blow up all over the charts. His performance was backed by the biggest names in the industry, giving him props. P-Diddy, 50-cent, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, etc all gave him a standing ovation.

This recent photo shoot with the infamous Chris Brown went down in Montpelier, Virginia. With all his fame, we was a toally cool person to shoot. We hung out at his crib with his mom, family and bodyguard, Big Pat. Look out for Chris, he gets my seal of approval too.

Montpelier, Virginia
Kevin + Chris Brown
Kevin + Big Pat

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