Thursday, January 31, 2008

Images of the Year - AMERICAN PHOTO

American Photo Magazine voted my images part of the 2007 Iconic Images of the Year. Check it out. It should be on Newstands, Internationally right now.

I made the cover! How cool is that?

KEVINOU + Images of the Year

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Viva la Puerto Rico!!!

Kevin Ou + Marisel
Kevin, Miguel, Steve, Gloria + Marisel
This is why I love Puerto Rico
Gloria + Kevin

Friday, January 25, 2008

Talento de Barrio, DADDY YANKEE, Album Cover Shoot, PUERTO RICO

Daddy Yankee flew me and my entire crew down for a photoshoot in sunny Puerto Rico! This was for the soundtrack of his new movie - Talento de Barrio. Be sure to check it out when it premier's in a city near you!

This shoot was alot of fun. On top of the photoshoot, we got to party in Puerto Rico's biggest street party - Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian! It was a huge party of about 10,000 people, dancing salsa and getting crunk! It was AMAZING! The photoshoot was equally as amazing as we got to shoot in San Cristobal, an ancient historical monument where no other photoshoot has ever gone down. In fact, most of the areas are closed off to public and even local Puerto Ricans have to idea that it exists there. For my troubles, I got featured in the local Puerto Rican newspapers as a hot shot Photographer! Kick ass!

Check out the pics.

(P.S I'm moving to Puerto Rico one day! Who's coming with me?)

MIAMI Baby!!!
Adrionna + Kevin
Guess who appeared in the Puerto Rican newspaper?
El Vocero de Puerto Rico
The best Catering in Puerto Rico
Shooting in El Morro / San Cristobal
Kevin Ou + Daddy Yankee
Behind the Scenes
Shooting in San Cristobal
Stephen, Kevin + Bryan reluctant to leave PR

Thursday, January 17, 2008

SNOOP DOGG, Los Angeles, CA

SNOOOOP DOGG!!!! What else do I have to say?

Snoop Dog + Kevin Ou
Snoop's old school custom Laker's Car


Hung out with my good friend and fashion designer, Erica Pena when she flew thru Los Angeles. Coincidentally, my buddy Shaneal (Australian Rock Sensation) was in LA too. Check out their stuff. It was an awesome night at Club Opera, then Social then Club Crimson. I'm beat.

Erica Pena Designs


Erica Pena + Kevin Ou
Shaneal the Rockstar


DAVID BANNER is an American rapper, occasional actor, record producer, record label executive, and philanthropist. Banner recently played the part of Tehronne in Black Snake Moan. More about David Banner from Wikipedia.

David Banner's website

Kevin + David Banner flashing Bills
BMW M6 Custom + Bentley GT Coupe

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Playaz Circle

Double Portraits:
Dolla Boy + Tity Boi

Friday, January 11, 2008

Zanna, Death Valley, CA

Drove out to the dessert for a photoshoot with Zanna. The dessert was simply amazing! We got some awesome images! Zanna and I have become great friends after the last photoshoot, and the new images definitely show how comfortable we work together. We drove all the way out to the Salt Flats in Badwater, CA. It's the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere. So metaphorically, we hit rock bottom and the only way to go from there is UP!! 2008 is going to be AMAZING!!

Check out Zanna's Music

Zanna's Myspace

Badwater, California
Zanna the Rockstar

Christmas + New Years in Puerto Rico

Escaped to Puerto Rico to chill in the sun with my friends and family from Puerto Rico. It was awesome escaping the cold of LA to the sunny beaches of PR. I had such an amazing time! Ok, enough typing, the images will speak for themselves. A very very huge thank you, for everyone that made this getaway possible. Especially Miss. Marielis Taboada!! You know what you did, and you know why I'll love you forever! You're amazing!!! Thank you!

The ever beautiful Adrionna + Kevin
Adrionna + Kevin
Sunshine, Palm Trees and Beautiful Beaches
This is how golf is played in PR!
Golf on New Years Eve
Puerto Rico Flag
Deborah + Shirley
The guys acting cool!
This is the LIFE!!
Private yatch, blue skies, clear waters.
Now you know why I'm here!
The Vallejo's
My buddy Miguel + Adrionna
Marielis in the Sun