Friday, January 25, 2008

Talento de Barrio, DADDY YANKEE, Album Cover Shoot, PUERTO RICO

Daddy Yankee flew me and my entire crew down for a photoshoot in sunny Puerto Rico! This was for the soundtrack of his new movie - Talento de Barrio. Be sure to check it out when it premier's in a city near you!

This shoot was alot of fun. On top of the photoshoot, we got to party in Puerto Rico's biggest street party - Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian! It was a huge party of about 10,000 people, dancing salsa and getting crunk! It was AMAZING! The photoshoot was equally as amazing as we got to shoot in San Cristobal, an ancient historical monument where no other photoshoot has ever gone down. In fact, most of the areas are closed off to public and even local Puerto Ricans have to idea that it exists there. For my troubles, I got featured in the local Puerto Rican newspapers as a hot shot Photographer! Kick ass!

Check out the pics.

(P.S I'm moving to Puerto Rico one day! Who's coming with me?)

MIAMI Baby!!!
Adrionna + Kevin
Guess who appeared in the Puerto Rican newspaper?
El Vocero de Puerto Rico
The best Catering in Puerto Rico
Shooting in El Morro / San Cristobal
Kevin Ou + Daddy Yankee
Behind the Scenes
Shooting in San Cristobal
Stephen, Kevin + Bryan reluctant to leave PR

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