Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas + New Years in Puerto Rico

Escaped to Puerto Rico to chill in the sun with my friends and family from Puerto Rico. It was awesome escaping the cold of LA to the sunny beaches of PR. I had such an amazing time! Ok, enough typing, the images will speak for themselves. A very very huge thank you, for everyone that made this getaway possible. Especially Miss. Marielis Taboada!! You know what you did, and you know why I'll love you forever! You're amazing!!! Thank you!

The ever beautiful Adrionna + Kevin
Adrionna + Kevin
Sunshine, Palm Trees and Beautiful Beaches
This is how golf is played in PR!
Golf on New Years Eve
Puerto Rico Flag
Deborah + Shirley
The guys acting cool!
This is the LIFE!!
Private yatch, blue skies, clear waters.
Now you know why I'm here!
The Vallejo's
My buddy Miguel + Adrionna
Marielis in the Sun

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