Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ELIJAH WOOD - FourSeasons, Beverly Hills

Monday, August 24, 2009

ROB DYRDEK'S 2009 X-GAMES PARTY @ Fantasy Factory

This was one of the most awesome parties/events I've been to in a long while. Rob Dyrdek + Monster threw a huge bash for the 2009 X-Games After Party. It was Bananas! The Fantasy Factory was packed (and I mean packed). Open Bar and open Carl's Jr. truck. (I mean, really, who has a Carl's Jr truck giving away free food at a party?) Fabulous and Clipse did a spectacular performance at the end of the night. Definitely maxed out my party quote for the year with this one event. Thanks Rob!


I was recently hired to shoot the TAG National Body Spray Campaign, and they threw a huge launch party here in LA. My images were the "Hero" of the night. Turned out to be a pretty cool night. Everyone there had tons of fun. Glad I had the Loyalty Creative / MH+L Magazine / Five Four Clothing / Dyrdek Enterprise family to support!

Kevin Ou + Jennifer Gall
Camelo Anthony, Rob Dyrdek + Ludacris shot by yours truly!!
The guys going crazy on the red carpet


Attended the 2009 Teen Choice Awards representing MH+L Magazine. (CHECK IT OUT!!!) Got there fashionably late cos' we were racing go-carts all day. It's even more awesome that we smelled like gasoline. Can't beat that masculine scent! Steve Vera and I held down the event and met tons of people. (A big shout out to Tracy @ Backstage Creations , and Samantha @ Hunter PR for taking great care of us).

Kevin Ou + Hayden Panettiere
Kristen Stewart
Kevin Ou + Mike Tyson
Chase Crawford

WARPED TOUR 2009 - Home Depot Center, California

It was an awesome weekend at the last day of the VAN'S Warped Tour at the Home Depot Center in The OC. My boys, FOREVER THE SICKEST KIDS, killed it on stage! Do follow them and show them some love. Our crew was joined by the awesome cast of Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney Channel). Selena Gomez, Bridgit Mendler, David Henrie and Jennifer Stone were totally cool to hang out with. This was an awesome wrap up to a wonderful past 2 weeks of my life. Things have been pretty amazing lately. Check the pics out.

(A big shout out to Ray Hughes, Billy the Kidd, Robbie and the rest of the FTSK fam for taking care of us)

Kevin Ou + Selena Gomez
Bridgit Mendler
Jennifer Stone
Selena hard at "work"
Melissa Berger (PR) rockin' out backstage

Crowd's slowly starting to build up
The Boys KILLED it! Awesome Live!
The crowd was insane

ELIJAH WOOD shoot - DNA11/Art of Elysium

It was awesome working with actor Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings, Sin City, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc) and his sister Hannah. Those were some of my favorite movies! So working with Elijah was definitely a treat. I collaborated with DNA11 / Art of Elysium to create a series of portraits for the organization. Please follow their charity and help support them to make a difference.

Kevin Ou + Elijah Wood

SOULJA BOY - New Cover on Newstands