Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kiera Chaplin - LA Direct Magazine

Celebrity profile article of Kiera Chaplin (Grand-daughter of Charlie Chaplin) for LA Direct Magazine. Location was in Pasadena, California. The shoot was alot of fun and Kiera was a blast to work with. The entire crew did an awesome job as we were on tight time constraints and was trying to chase the sun. A big thank you to Kiera's crew.

Editor / Art Director: Josh Sternberg
Talent: Kiera Chaplin
Photographer: Kevin Ou
Kiera's Publicist: Debbie Rubio
Production: Stephen Dummit @ Four9Seven Creatives
Hair: Matt Adams @ Photogenics
Makeup: Jennifer Serdienis @ NARS
Kiera's PR: Myriam Touimer @ Velvet PR
Photography Assistants: Melissa Valladares, David Chen, Adrienne Calloway

(L to R)
(Kevin, Myriam, Kiera, Jennifer, Debbie, Matt, Melissa and Stephen)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

DIME Magazine - Sergio Mora (Everlast Magalog)

Shot "The Contender" Champion Sergio Mora. Images are for an upcoming article on the highly anticipated (rumored) fight between Sergio Mora and Jermain Taylor. Up for grabs is the WBC/WBO Middleweight Championship Title.

Images were shot in Sergio's Boxing Gym
Montebello, California