Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kiera Chaplin - LA Direct Magazine

Celebrity profile article of Kiera Chaplin (Grand-daughter of Charlie Chaplin) for LA Direct Magazine. Location was in Pasadena, California. The shoot was alot of fun and Kiera was a blast to work with. The entire crew did an awesome job as we were on tight time constraints and was trying to chase the sun. A big thank you to Kiera's crew.

Editor / Art Director: Josh Sternberg
Talent: Kiera Chaplin
Photographer: Kevin Ou
Kiera's Publicist: Debbie Rubio
Production: Stephen Dummit @ Four9Seven Creatives
Hair: Matt Adams @ Photogenics
Makeup: Jennifer Serdienis @ NARS
Kiera's PR: Myriam Touimer @ Velvet PR
Photography Assistants: Melissa Valladares, David Chen, Adrienne Calloway

(L to R)
(Kevin, Myriam, Kiera, Jennifer, Debbie, Matt, Melissa and Stephen)

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chris said...

Say Hello to Kiera from her friend christian in Miami!She is awesome!
Christian G