Friday, June 29, 2007

KAYLIN OMO - Publicity Shoot

Publicity shoot for Kaylin Omo. Watch this face! It's one you're going to see alot of. The shoot was alot of fun and went by really quickly. I finally got a chance to shoot in a more cosy studio in Downtown LA, instead of the usual giant Hollywood stages. I'm so glad that I didn't have to scream all day. My entire creative team was alot of fun to work with. Can't put alot of the actual pictures up, so I'll put up the snapshots.

Off Topic Alert: By the way, if any of you are at Traction/3rd, there's an awesome Mexican restaurant that has a killer drink : Cucumber and Lime Juice. Try the fish Taco's too. The place is called Ay Caramba!

Photographer: Kevin Ou
Makeup: Anna del Carmen
Wardrobe: Tristin Akahoshi
Talent: Kaylin Omo
Manager: Katherine
Studio: Raisa Fastman


Tristin prepping outfits for the day
(Note: The above images are un-retouched and not the final images)

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