Friday, June 22, 2007

COVER SHOOT - Daddy Yankee, California

On the set of my first cover shoot. We shot at 5th and Sunset studios in West Hollywood. We definitely needed a bigger studio, but Nadav Kander beat us to it. The shoot was awesome! Alot of energy in the air. I had my crew, DUB had their crew, 310 Motoring had their crew, Daddy Yankee brought his entourage and reps for Interscope/Universal came down too. The stage was packed!! With the caterers, I swear we almost had about 40 people on set. I hired DJ Sophenomenal to spin during the shoot to keep energy levels up. And it worked! She mixed some hip-hop and Daddy Yankee's own unreleased tracks, and that definitely got him moving during the shoot. Daddy Yankee was mad chill to shoot and hang out with. His crew had so much energy.

The cars were simply insane. There was a Bentley Continental Flying Spur and a Jaquar XK. Both black and shiny, my favorite colors!! Yes, shiny is a color to me! Can't put any pics up as it's for the cover. But if you see it on the stands soon, don't be cheap, go pick one up!

No escondas todo eso que traes! Peace!

Photographer: Kevin Christopher Ou
Art Director: Herman Flores
Writer: Kristie
Publicist: Fairley McCaskill
Wardrobe: Amber Corwin
Wardrobe Assistant:
Tristin Akahoshi
Make up: Anna del Carmen
Music: DJ Sophenomenal
Music Assistant: Michael Biggs
Digital Capture Technician: Stephen Dummit
Photo Assistants: Bryan Sullivan and Zack Herrera
Car stylists: 310 Motoring
Studio: 5th and Sunset, Los Angeles

Studio Line Up for the Day
Just how shiny are those cars?
Daddy Yankee and Kevin
Anna del Carmen - Make UpDJ Sophenomenal hard at work
Sneak peak at some imagesAmber (Wardrobe), Kevin + Daddy Yankee
(L to R)
Bryan, Stephen, Mikey, Sophia, Daddy Yankee & Kevin
Got the keys to a Bentley. Should have just driven off!
Video from the Shoot

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