Friday, June 29, 2007


Just found out that I've been selected to be included in the BEST OF ASMP 2007 feature. Apparently, my work was selected out of 157 other professional photographers and out of 200 other projects. Look out for a one-page interview in PDN and more news in the ASMP Bulletin. I'm pretty stoked! This is turning out to be quite an awesome year.
(Note: Thanks for all those who inquired, but this is a separate award from the other ASMP-NY Image07 award)

Excerpts from the Interview::

ASMP: Please describe the processes and techniques central to the making of this work.
KEVIN: A huge part of this process was planning. We had to get every perspective, every shadow angle and element right. The background had to be made bland enough to allow the car and hoses to take center stage. The entire image was shot digital. The elements were all shot in the studio. Another key element is the technique used in the post production process.

ASMP: What is unique about your style/approach or what sets you and your work apart from other photographers?
KEVIN: My approach to photography is slightly different. First and foremost, I am a problem solver. Once the concept and idea is solid and has been nailed down. I can then progress to the aesthetics of the image. I work with my creative team as a group. Everyone gets the spotlight. Photography is a very collaborative sport to me.

ASMP: Please describe your relationship with your rep and how this began?
KEVIN: My rep agency is Four9Seven and is run by Stephen Dummit. One of the best parts of having Stephen as a rep is that he is a photographer himself and see’s work thru those eyes. He understands what I do and that makes the process a lot easier.

ASMP: Do you do your own Photoshop work? Please describe your background and training in this.
KEVIN: I have a certain standard of quality control on my own imagery. Thus the main retouching is done by myself and my studio. I trained under one of the best celebrity retoucher’s in the industry – Lisa Carney (currently based in France).

ASMP: Economics aside, what is most important consideration for you in working on a project? Do you ever turn down jobs, and if so, why?
KEVIN: I have three simple criteria for any projects I undertake. 1.)Is it fun? 2.) Does it pay? 3.) Would it make a key addition in my book? As long as one of those criteria is met, I would gladly do it. The rest of it is based on schedules. I travel around alot and will undertake multiple jobs if I'm near that city.

(Note: This is not the full interview)

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