Tuesday, October 9, 2007

SHAUN PHILLIPS, San Diego Chargers

Shot Shaun Phillips of the San Diego Chargers. It turned out to be a totally cool day. Channel 4 San Diego was doing a segment on Shaun and wanted to film the entire photoshoot. That was kinda cool. There were news cameras and boom mikes all over. It's hard enough keeping my focus on shooting without having to worry about tripping over cables. Surprisingly, I made it out in one piece. But honestly, it was't that bad. This is the 3rd time I've been filmed, so I'm kinda getting used to it. Everyone at the shoot was pretty cool, so all in all, the only downside of my day was sitting in traffic for 3 hours to San Diego. Life ain't bad at all.

Video and Photo shooting simultaneously
Shaun + Kevin
A video being shot of the photoshoot
Shooting in the Bentley
Kevin, Shaun, Stephen and Bryan
(Ermm...why do I look so tiny in this shot? No seriously.)
Kevin in the Bentley Arnage Convertible
Kevin + Lamborghini

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