Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hung out with my friends Alexis, Brittany, Kelli and Nicole at Boulevard 3 on Sunset Blvd yesterday. It turned out to be a typical Hollywood celebrity studded event. The venue was packed! The club was pretty cool though. Be warned, these girls are Trouble!!! But we had alot of fun! We got to chill with some of the coolest people in Hollywood. Here's evidence of our debauchery.

Kelli + Brittany (my makeup artist)Brittany + Perez Hilton + Kelli
Brittany, Kelli, Bai-Ling + Kevin
Alexis, Brittany, Kelli + NicoleKristie + Kevin
Hanging out with David Hasselhoff.
What a interesting night.
Alexis + Kevin

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