Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shaquille O'Neal - Phoenix, Arizona

It was a long drive to Phoenix, Arizona. There wasn't really much along the way except a lot of empty dessert and billboards. Drove up with my assistant, Kellen Henry, and we had a blast. We hung out with a talented and aspiring photographer, Matt Contreras, and met some new friends along the way. All in all, it was a great break needed from the hectic shoot schedules, I've been having. Shaq was awesome to shoot, and you can tell he's a pro at this. 30 secs after he got there, he was in pose and all set to shoot. Shaq's so much bigger in person. I've shot a whole range of athletes and I've never felt to small in my life. But the images came out looking great. The best part is the I got blessed with a signed Shaq Jersey. Rock on!

The Empty Dessert littered with Billboards
Matt, Katie, Kevin, Sarah, Allivia & Kellen
Having waaaaay too much fun
The legendary Shaq
We have cars. Shaq has Freightliners.
Kevin Ou + Shaq
(I swear it's him)
Ok. That's a better composition.One of the best secrets in Arizona.
Dang! Why don't they have this back in Cali?
Eager to get back. Cruisin' 120mph into the Sunlight.
(Don't try this at home kids. This was done under the supervision of a trained professional, i.e ME!)

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